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Pacorini has specialized in the storage and transportation of base metals, minor metals, steel and derivatives.


Non-ferrous metals include many different products, such as aluminum, copper and zinc. Every year we store and handle almost 300.000 kg's of non-ferrous metals. With warehousing space of over 150.000 m2 and our own loading quay in the harbour of Antwerp with a maximum water depth of 10,5 meters we can easily support you in any needs when it comes to non-ferrous metals.

London Metal Exchange

Pacorini Antwerp is accredited by the London Metal Exchange for all base metals. This means that Pacorini is fully approved and licensed to store base metals such as aluminum, tin, lead, zinc, copper and nickel.


Approval for the handling of metals by the LME is only accredited after strict criteria is met in regards to warehouse standards, staff requirements and handling procedures. 

The services we offer include:

  • Official weight certificates (per kilogram)

  • Issue of warrents via the LME

  • Regular inventory updates immediately accessible

  • Easy sea transport through quay with 10,5 meter water depth

Facts and figures
Non-ferrous LME
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