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About us


In order to comply with the ever-increasing demand for coffee, spices and citrus from the colonial territories, Bruno Pacorini founded the company in 1933. Especially the shortage in storage capacity for green coffee led to the success of the venture which resulted in its expansion by the end of the sixties and several additional subsidiaries throughout Italy were opened.

Another 20 years later, Pacorini had become a renowned and leading enterprise when it came to storage and distribution of green coffee and the company expanded internationally into producing and consuming coffee centers such as Brazil, Vietnam and the United states. Today, the Pacorini group is present in 12 countries worldwide and has become the world leader in the handling of green coffee.

On the 15 April 2008, Pacorini Antwerp was officially inaugurated and has since contributed in establishing Antwerp as the main European coffee port. Apart from coffee, Pacorini Antwerp has diversified its activities in the fields of other soft commodities such as cocoa, nuts and tea. We offer a total of 230.000 m² in storage capacity, all bonded.

Through its innovative approach towards its core activities, Pacorini has grown into a world leader in the transportation, storage and distribution of soft commodities and is considered by its esteemed customers as the benchmark in these fields.

In order to establish and maintain the highest levels of service, Pacorini has invested a lot in various accreditations. Apart frombeing listed as approved warehouse keeper for the Intercontinental Commodity Exchange (ICE) in London and New York, we have so far obtained the ISO 9001, 14001 and 22000 standard, the AEO status and the UTZ and Organic certifications.

Because of the increasing demand for traceability, Pacorini Antwerp has recently opted to implement a warehouse Management System (WMS) which offers multiple possibilities for clients. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Contact Details

Pacorini Antwerp

Tel: +32 3 500 56 60

Fax: +32 3 543 61 89

Mission and vision


In the field of soft commodities, Pacorini Antwerp is the company to be contacted to help with all your logistics questions. We are dedicated to find the best solution for our customers.

We offer the range of services and the logistics network of a leading international logistics group, while our service and contact are as personal and customized as that of a local company.

Our experience is mainly related to soft commodities and conventional goods, but we have the strong motivation to expand our knowledge to address all logistics issues.

In other words, Pacorini Antwerp has only one purpose: to be your preferred logistics partner!

Imagine a world, where no place is far away, and where all you need has been thought just for you.

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