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RSC Cars specializes in the shipping of passenger cars for both export and import. Single cars or small volumes are expertly stowed into containers for transport over sea and/or road. For larger volumes, we bring roll on/roll off transport in gear, at favourable rates. We put all our resources, know-how and worldwide partners in motion in order to get the wheels of transport rolling, from door-to-door if you want: loading, road transport to port, shipping, customs, insurance, etc. We'll do anything we can to get your precious vehicle to its destination safely and legally - and in time.


You or your customer have purchased the ultimate classic car in the USA and you want it shipped and delivered safely in Europe, Asia or another continent? Call RSC Cars and consider the job done. We know how to handle these beauties, whether they are in top condition or still need some face lifting. The import and export regulations concerning cars and especially classic cars are complex - think of customs, registration, documents, etc. Don't bother, we take care of the red tape. RSC Cars also ships vehicles to all corners of the world, in view of classic car rallies and events.


If you prefer to cruise Highway 66 in your own mobile home or camper, RSC Cars is on standby to ship it hence and back again. We also take care of transporting jeeps, vans and other vehicles for expeditionary purposes. Our worldwide partners will assist you concerning customs and other regulations.


RSC Cars provides for the worldwide shipping of trucks by means of roll on/roll off transportation. We can assure you high frequency of departing at competitive prices. Our worldwide forwarding partners take care of all the red tape concerning import documents, customs regulations etc.

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