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Division of Pacorini




RSC Cars can offer you comprehensive service in case of relocation abroad. Whether it concerns a private move or a corporate relocation, we can assist you in many ways: from just the expert packaging and stowing of your household in a dedicated container up to door-to-door service, including unloading and installation at your new address. As always with international transport, there is quite a lot of paperwork to be done (customs, import regulations, ...), on which we will happily advise you.


Consolidated container


For smaller volumes, we can find a place in a consolidated container in order to ship them safely to your new destination. Here too, you can choose our comprehensive door-to-door service or the parts of it you deem necessary.




If you are moving overseas or to a place too far away to drive your car(s) and/or motorbikes or other vehicles to your new home, RSC Cars comes in with a comprehensive service. We stow your vehicle(s) safely and expertly in a container and send it by sea, land or air to your new location. We can also advise you on and take care of the import regulations and documents imposed by the receiving country.

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