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Division of Pacorini

Corporate responsibility

Whether it be staff, customers, suppliers, authorities, neighbors, colleagues, etc… , we at RSC Trans consider them all as partners with whom we want to establish the best relations, work together in a constructive, efficient and innovative manner, all for the good of the actors in our community.

This is why RSC Trans chooses as much as possible to work with local companies, situated in or close to the port of Antwerp. Apart from having the benefit of personal contact and a better service, this also helps the development of the local economy and the prosperity of the local people working there.

Our staff represents the core of our business and the well-being of our staff is therefore one of our top priorities. With regard to safety and security, RSC Trans' management wants to go further and is currently investigating the measures to be taken to obtain the ISO 45001 certification ( Health and Safety). All employees will be informed and trained in order to avoid safety risks and labor accidents.

Our different accreditations and the connected external pressure to keep meeting their challenging criteria, enforce our internal motivation to constantly find better ways to cope with the changing society.

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