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Cocoa warehousing

Apart from coffee, our main specialty is the storage and distribution of cocoa. Pacorini Antwerp is able to store large amounts of bulk cocoa and our experience in this matter has increased significantly. We provide a broad variety of services dedicated to logistics, supply-chain management and industrial processing to all involved parties (exporters, traders, food industry). Our service-package provides, but is not limited to:


  • 75.000 m² of warehouse space for the storage of bags and bulk

  • Fully licensed ICE EU warehouses

  • Approved warehouses for the storage of Organic and UTZ cocoa

  • Fumigation on infested parcels

  • Sworn weighers and samplers for both in-house and external sampling

  • Full analyses of cocoa samples

  • Sorting out, re-bagging and reconditioning in case of damage

  • Import and export of cocoa combined with the necessary certificates (phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin,…) and customs formalities

  • Supervision at third party warehouses on loading or unloading and external good order

  • Weighbridge on-site

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