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Coffee warehousing

As the world leader in the storage and distribution of green coffee, the Pacorini Group can rely on countless years of experience. In combination with a very dedicated staff, Pacorini Antwerp can provide a broad variety of services dedicated to logistics, supply-chain management and industrial processing to all involved parties (exporters, traders, roasters). Our service-package provides, but is not limited to:


  • 155.000 m² of warehouse space for the storage of bags and big bags

  • Fully licensed ICE EU and ICE US warehouses

  • Approved warehouses for the storage of Organic and UTZ certified coffee

  • Blending of different types of coffees

  • Fumigation of infested parcels

  • Sworn weighers and samplers for both in-house and external sampling

  • Sorting out, re-bagging and reconditioning in case of damage

  • Import and export of coffee combined with the necessary certificates (phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin,…) and customs formalities

  • Supervision at third party warehouses on loading or unloading and external good order

  • Weighbridge on-site

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